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Audio Post Production

Audio Post-Production is an art form

All processes in audio post-production serve to support and expand the pictures of an project. From dialogue, sound effects, foley and music, right to the mixdown. Let's look at these steps in detail:

Dialogue Editing

Since dialog occupies the viewer's attention most it is arguably the most important element in post-production.

The editing process serves to clean up the dialogue, select and match the best takes if necessary (especially in the case of multi-microphone recordings), remove background noise and bring everything to a consistent level.

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Especially for set-sound, it is often unavoidable that background noise, rumbling, or crackling creeps into the recording and distracts from the dialogue. Those issues must be solved without impairing speech intelligibility.

Also old recordings from tapes or other sources can be restored with tools from Izotope, Waves and others.

Music Composing

(and/or editing)

Where Words fail Music speaks
Hans Christian Andersen

We don't need to talk too much about the importance of music in visual media. Music tells a story on an emotional level, adding a layer that cannot be expressed through words or images.

As a composer, I will create an individual soundtrack for you. If the budget doesn't allow for an original soundtrack, I help to select royalty-free tracks.

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As part of the musician and producer team Critical System , in addition to individual soundtracks, you have an extensive catalog of music titles at your disposal that can be quickly adapted to your project.
Listen to some examples

Whatever music you have chosen, I also edit an soundtrack and integrate it into your production in a way that the music completely follows (e)motions and dynamics - for trailer, commercial, feature film or documentary.


Sound FX & Foley

Broadly speaking, Sound Effects (SFX for short) refer to elements such as gunshots, explosions, sci-fi sounds, and the like and Foley for man-made noises, such as clothes rustling, doors opening, footsteps, etc.

Foley (besides as a special effect) should not be "heard separately" but instead perceived unconsciously by the viewer. SFX on the other hand are an important ingredient in credibility, although they should not be overdone lest it distract attention.

With help of huge libraries and/or specially recorded ambient noises, your production can be enhanced or supplemented. I also work with sound designers and foley artists who specialize in live action or animation.


(Medien & Songs)

In the final phase of audio post-production, everything revolves around connecting the individual elements into a coherent and homogeneous picture. Mixes that sound too harsh tire the viewer quickly, if they are too boring, he might not follow the arc of suspense and loses interest.

A lot of experience, sensitivity and know-how is required for the mixing. Every mix is different, whether it's a feature film, TV show, a short trailer or a documentary. They all have individual requirements and demand a unique approach to the final stage.

For mixes meant to be played in theatres, I work with a Dolby certified mixing stage or come to the studio of your choice and work on site.

I not only mix for Media, but for Music as well - Songs, Beats or entire albums. For a brief overview of my previous work, take a quick look at the credits or visit the About Me Page




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